let 'em rot in jail

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    On the 7th of August this year ('Israel Frees 339 Palestinian Prisoners'), after Israel released more than 300 Palestinian detainees on the condition that they would not be involved in violent activities against Israel, one of those released promised that he would never honour the agreement he had just signed.

    And surprise, surprise, the Palestinians weren't lying.
    It has just been reported(http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=49592) that the two latest terrorists who killed 16 people (including the head of the emergency
    department of Shaarei Tsedek hospital and his daughter on her wedding day) were recently released from Israeli detention as part of the goodwill gesture to shore up the now dead Road Map.

    So much for 'innocent' Palestinians held by Israel. Seems that Israel just released 339 more potential suicide terrorists back into society.
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