Lessons learnt from the GFC

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    We saved the world from the GFC, which was caused by unscrupulous, excessive lending, by reducing the unscrupulous part but increasing the excessive part. The excessive was only achievable when backed up by cashed-up overseas interests. However, it then became apparent that westerners had to borrow even more-so to compete in the hope of achieving their dreams; if locals were denied the even bigger than acceptable loans to compete, then it would have only been a matter of time where we would have shut down the gates due to the local outrage. Lower rates were implemented, along with incentives to lure unsuspecting local buyers. We had the chance to unwind our wrongdoings but chose to go the other way instead.

    If any of you remember me, you will flashback to my posts where I ranted on about China. But even I got sick of hearing myself go on and just accepted the way of life as it was.

    Let us look back twenty years on how we have transferred our sovereignty to China

    • We allowed most of our manufacturing to go to China; when local companies and workers complained who eventually went broke and became unemployed, it fell on deaf ears because the rest of us were better off with the cheaper and more profitable goods.
    • When we allowed foreign students to displace local students and to also affect their grades by socialising their results, it fell on deaf ears because of the billions of dollars brought into our country (I think it's our 2nd biggest exporter).
    • When we allowed foreign workers to take many jobs away from locals, such as nursing, the cries from the local workers fell on deaf ears because it did not affect the rest of us.
    • When we allowed most of the farmland to be sold off to China, our government said it was nothing to be alarmed about and that it would bring us many benefits, which we are now even more sceptical about.
    • When we allowed Chinese investors to buy up homes in front of the noses of the locals who missed out but now have either massive loans or have to rent for the rest of their lives, we didn't care because it made our properties even more valuable.
    But now that our toilet paper is being bought up by the Chinese and being sent back home to China, everyone, including Peter Dutton, believes it's a crime that is punishable - you cannot make this garbage up!

    There you have it, folks; as long as something fishy does not affect anyone directly, then it's not a problem at all. Not being able to buy toilet paper when you want to, should be the least of your worries, 100%!
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