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lennon denies new pulp mill claims

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    Does this explain all of the insider trading that has been going on?

    ABC News 18/11/08

    Lennon denies new pulp mill claims

    There have been new allegations that the former Premier Paul Lennon knew Gunns was going to withdraw its pulp mill proposal from an independent assessment two days before the company told the stock exchange.

    The claims have been raised at a parliamentary committee hearing into senior government appointments.

    Mr Lennon has denied the allegation, saying he might have told someone involved in the assessment process that Gunns appeared 'close' to withdrawing.

    The chair of the committee Paul Harriss has revealed that Simon Cooper, the former head of the Resource Planning and Development Commission, had previously told the committee that he got a call from Mr Lennon two days before Gunns made its announcement to the stock exchange.

    Mr Cooper alleged to the committee that Mr Lennon said 'Gunns are going to withdraw'.

    Mr Harriss put the new allegation to the former Premier.

    Mr Lennon says he only said Gunns appeared close to withdrawing and the he formed this opinion through his regular conversations with the company.

    Mr Lennon says he makes no apologies for trying to keep the $2 billion pulp mill alive.
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