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lemon - squeezed well

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    This was my lemon rising...

    "mining bargan stock
    Posted 29/09/03 15:19 - 128 reads
    Posted by charry3
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    This stock was a lemon due to hold ups with Govts in S/Africa. Word is problems have been overcome and announcements re diamond/gold projects alive again in Wimbledon project S/Africa.

    Stock slowly rising from 1.5 cents recently to 3.6 cents today. Once the word gets out this to go over 5 cents short term. Get some cheap mining stock under 5c ASAP while you can.


    I squeezed it and bailed at 15c, good luck to the rest of you. Should have held longer but then again rode Lum down and didn't want to get caught again.

    Cheers, well done.

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