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    A propos "the KING"  (for a Monday Mirth); neither of the so called “Judiciary” from Dowsett/’Doubtset’ to Perram with a plethora of week-kneed non-entities in between, had the benefit of (PIF) member insights such as yours, starting with:

    OCV ocv creditor update 24/06/08 10:25 athyrio 536 posts.
    Date: 24/06/08 Post #: 3902666
    [BionicBoy said: ↑ BB
    the biggest court room in Queensland is the Banco Court in the Supreme Court Building, Law Courts Complex, George Street, Brisbane. That will be too small for all the creditors at the bar table for the wind up. Perhaps they will move it to the Brisbane City Hall. Real logistcal problems.]

    Subject being wind up possibility of Michael King’s and Co wrecking train.
    Did we dare to think back then to “wind up” with $0.0158 in a dollar as a dividend for our Virgin Faith?

    And continues:

    Same date, Post #: 3902940 IP: ikeeplosing said: ↑
    [ ikeeplosing
    Wellington's 'Hottie' has sung by suing her highly respected former colleagues' (this is King and Adams) company now called Octaviar.
    This has been a controlled liquidation for an extended period. If ASIC allows it for MFS, why not for others? Because ASIC was an MFS groupie.

    Lenders likely forced the sale of Stella - proceeds collected in lieu of external administration.
    Mark Korda has the answers if he chooses to speak - or if ASIC asked the question.
    Pity the shareholders.
    And Jim Byrnes of Sydney is boasting around town about his purchase of the Trinity Cove,
    Cairns asset at breath-taking discount. Pity the shareholders once again. ]
    Were these not my/simgrund refrains on ASIC/Dgenny trysts younkers back?
    But who listened to us?

    Right from the start, missed directions and no corrections in between.

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