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    It's good that Sassy and you other guys have contacted the ASX ref. the trading-activities of the last days.
    In my opinion it is sure that these are illegal manipulations.

    I just wanted to let you know:
    If you don't get a reply from the ASX, it will be no problem.

    Some of our German Bta-shareholders are heavily invested in this company.
    We will not accept these manipulations any longer, that's why we will contact a specialized German lawyer in the next days.
    He will examine the facts (we have made screenshots of all suspicious transactions in the last days) and if he advises us to do so, we will engage an Australian lawyer
    and take legal action against the respective traders and the ASX.

    The whole thing has become serious in the last days - and so we will take some serious action now.

    Regards from Germany

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