lefty aid agencies create war

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    In an article critical of the role played by the Welfare State in implementing foreign aid;

    "For example, according to World Bank figures, despite spending $US100 billion in aid in sub-Saharan Africa between 1970 and 1999, about 17 countries experienced a decline in real per capita gross national product. "

    "there is still a great deal of waste and inefficiency and outright corruption in the aid sector, with the UN oil-for-food scandal a case in point."

    Also by the same author;

    "When US Ambassador Ralph Boyce raised the NMR (Newmont Mining Resources) case with the outgoing Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri, his actions were attacked by US activists. ÔThe US EmbassyÕs actions are a dangerous example of the Bush administrationÕs misguided foreign policyÕ, said Stephen Mills, Director of the Sierra ClubÕs International Program.

    Mills went on to argue that Ôthe transgressions of American companies operating abroad reflect poorly on our country and damage our national securityÕ.39 But MillsÕ clumsy attempt to invoke national security does inadvertently expose a major problem which has been tolerated for far too long. Broadly speaking, what damages the national security of countries such as Australia, but also America for that matter, are ÔlocalÕ NGOs funded by Western aid dollars, which the Asia Times notes Ôare the driving force behind much of the unrest that has caused investors to head for the door.Õ 40 They are trying to sabotage an industry that is generating wealth and opportunity in the worldÕs most populous Muslim country, and stirring up hatred towards Westerners in a country which unfortunately has more than its fair share of poverty and Islamic fanatics.

    The misuse of aid money by NGOs, as described above, is well known in Indonesia and is creating resentment even amongst groups supportive of a more open and pluralistic civil society. Indeed, this was in part behind the decision of the Megawati Government last year not to renew visas for a number of representatives of international NGOs in Indonesia.

    It is in our own interests, as well as those of our neighbours, to stop it. Indeed, AusAid needs to review its entire NGO programme. While some NGOs may be doing good, many are undermining and actually destabilising our neighbours. Others are just wasting taxpayersÕ money."
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