learning from the arabs

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    Learning From the Arabs
    by Beth Goodtree
    Nov 04, '03 / 9 Cheshvan 5764

    You'd think a bunch of people who stole their name from an established, millennia-old group, who are despised and forbidden to own property in the lands of their own brethren, who are so abysmally ignorant that they think killing off their future generations is a good thing, would have nothing to teach. But they do. And Israel, world Jewry, and all the non-Muslim world would be wise to learn the lessons.

    The first lesson is really one taught by Aldous Huxley is his book Brave New World. In it, he states that "...A thousand repetitions equal one truth." The Arab Palestinians have taken this lesson to heart. By repeating, ad infinitum, that Israel oppresses them, that they are the original inhabitants of that land, that they are justified in murdering women and children, etc., the world has come to see Israel as a big bad bully oppressing an underclass minority.

    Nor have the Arab Palestinians stopped at world opinion. They use the same principle to rally their own people. They continuously show edited footage of dead Palestinians, accompanied by some spiel that says the evil Jews did it. They show this 24/7/365 until they get the whole populace worked up. Then they take their show on the road. Like cockroaches infesting a filthy building, they overrun campuses in the civilized world blasting their hate-filled and lying propaganda at every turn.

    The next lesson is anger. The Palestinian Arabs spew outrage in their every breath. Never mind that it is misdirected -- often at the very people who are trying to help them (remember the roadside bombing of Americans who were there to hand out Rhodes scholarships recently?). Anger works. It frightens civilized people into backing off. Israel and world Jewry should this lesson. No more timid protests. No more polite requests or passive demonstrations. Active, loud fury and utter, unrelenting outrage will do much more to impress and alter an ambivalent world than the restrained way in which Jews are used to expressing themselves. Time to let the world know that our blood is boiling at their treatment of us.

    The third lesson is one of expectations. No matter how outrageous or preposterous, the Arab world presents their wants as reasonable. And a gullible, frightened world accepts them. One example is the Palestinian idea of a Judenrein country.

    Not one single member of the UN or the Roadmap group has protested the idea. It hasn’t even been mentioned.

    Another example is the Palestinian notion that Israel owes them jobs. Does America owe Mexicans or Canadians jobs? Does the world protest that America limits foreign workers? Is there a hue and cry that Saudi Arabia bans Jews from working in their country? Does the UN condemn Lebanon for preventing Palestinian Arabs from working in most fields of endeavor? The answer to all these questions is a resounding No. No sovereign nation is responsible for the employment of foreigners. None, that is, except Israel. And the reason for this goes back to lessons one and two: propaganda and anger.

    The final example is shamelessness. The Palestinian Arabs have no shame. None whatsoever. What civilized people would proudly boast of encouraging their youth, from the very cradle, to kill themselves? The Palestinian Arabs do and yet the most critical thing we’ve heard to date is Colin Powell mildly admonishing them to "tone it down," as if they were fidgety children at a church picnic.

    Another area of shamelessness is the Palestinian Arab expectation of Israel to cut out her heart and give it to them on a golden platter. They want all of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, as well as Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount. What would be America’s reaction if Mexico demanded the Bush ranch? Yet, Mexicans have much more of an historical right to Texas than the Palestinian Arabs have to actually any place in Israel.

    Israel and world Jewry should at the very least be shameless in demanding that which is rightfully ours. We should be demanding respect, we should be demanding no compromise on our historic homeland and we should be vehemently demanding equal and evenhanded treatment by the world body.

    Until we Jews learn these lessons, we will always be living in uncertainty and fear. If Jews are so smart, how come we need the world to beat us over the head time and again, by way of the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and the latest Arab/Muslim push for genocide, before we learn these lessons? It’s final exam time, and if we don’t pass the test on this go-around, we may be permanently removed from schoolhouse Earth.

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