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leafcutter to spud in june

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    Looks like Leafcutter will spud in June, Subject to final government approval as per Hardman announcement.

    Perth Basin Activity Update

    Document date: Tue 06 May 2003 Published: Tue 06 May 2003 16:54:17
    Document No: 237198 Document part: A
    Market Flag: Y
    Classification: Progress Report


    HOMEX - Perth



    Hardman Resources Ltd has been advised by the project operator of
    EP413 Origin Energy that, as at 0840 hours (WST) today, oil
    production testing has commenced at Jingemia-1, following regulatory
    approval and the installation of surface facilities for the extended
    production test (EPT).

    The objective of the EPT is to acquire information on reservoir
    performance over a three month period to assist in finalising plans
    for a full field development, and to confirm commerciality of the
    field. Production rates will be varied throughout this period as test
    requirements dictate.

    Oil produced will be trucked to and sold at the BP oil refinery at
    Kwinana south of Perth.

    Participants in EP413 and Jingemia-1 are as follows:
    Origin Energy Development Pty Limited (Operator) 49.189%

    Hardman Oil and Gas Pty Ltd 22.376%

    AWE (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd 15.245%

    Victoria Petroleum NL 5.7685%

    Voyager Energy Limited 6.0015%

    Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL 1.278%

    John Kevin Geary 0.142%


    Hardman has submitted an application to the relevant government
    authorities to drill an exploration well called Leafcutter-1 in the
    Woodada Production Licence. This well will be the first test of the
    Beagle Ridge fault block updip from the Woodada Gas Field and on
    strike with the Cliff Head oil discovery. Subject to final government
    approval, the well is expected to spud in June. Leafcutter-1 will be
    drilled using the 100% Hardman owned Logue onshore drilling rig which
    will considerably reduce drilling costs.

    Participants in the Woodada Production Licences and the Leafcutter-1
    well are:

    Hardman Oil and Gas Pty Ltd (Operator) 75%

    Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%

    T Ellyard

    Note: In accordance with Australian Stock Exchange Limited listing
    requirements, the geological information supplied in this report has
    been based on information provided by geologists who have had in
    excess of five years experience in their field of activity.

    A copy of the full announcement including the North Perth Basin
    Exploration Permits map is available in PDF format on www.asx.com.au.
    Alternatively it is available for purchase from ASX Customer Service
    on 1 300 300 279

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