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leafcutter-1 well - progress report #4

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    All reported depths are in metres below the Kelly Bushing on the rig floor. Reports will be made on a
    weekly basis (Thursday) or in the case of a material occurrence.
    Period: 7 days to 6am on 18/9/03.
    Current Depth: 1330 mKB (Total Depth)
    Progress: Drill ahead in 8 ½” (216mm) hole from 736mKB to 784mKB. Conduct
    minor repairs. Drill ahead to 995mKB. POOH for bit change. Run in hole.
    Drill ahead from 995mKB to 1330mKB (Total Depth). POOH. Rig up
    loggers and commence wireline logging.
    Forward program: Complete wireline logging and evaluate.
    Indications: Hydrocarbon shows will only be reported after wireline logs have been
    run and evaluated at the Total Depth of the well.
    Primary and Secondary
    Targets: The primary target is the Permian High Cliff Sandstone at a depth of
    approximately 1,315 metres. Secondary targets include sandstones
    within the Irwin River Coal Measures and a sandstone and/or limestone
    within the Carynginia Formation.
    Participants: Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 75%
    Yours sincerely,
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