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leafcutter-1 well - progress report #3

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    All reported depths are in metres below the Kelly Bushing on the rig floor. Reports will be made on a
    weekly basis (Thursday) or in the case of a material occurrence.
    Period: 7 days to 6am on 11/9/03.
    Current Depth: 736 mKB
    Progress: Drill ahead in 12.25” (311mm) hole from 417mKB to 447mKB (casing
    point). Run 9 5/8” (244mm) casing to 445m. Cement casing. Prepare
    and pick up bottom-hole assembly. Make minor repairs. Run-in hole.
    Drill out cement to 447m. Drill ahead in 8 ½” (216mm) hole to 736m.
    Forward program: Drill ahead in 8.5” (216mm) hole.
    Indications: Hydrocarbon shows will only be reported after wireline logs have been
    run and evaluated at the Total Depth of the well.
    Primary and Secondary
    Targets: The primary target is the Permian High Cliff Sandstone at a depth of
    approximately 1,315 metres. Secondary targets include sandstones
    within the Irwin River Coal Measures and a sandstone and/or limestone
    within the Carynginia Formation.
    Participants: Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 75%
    Yours sincerely,
    Tom Fontaine
    Managing Director
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