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  1. lok will it or won't it? A lot of noise about whether LOOK will rise or fall after reporting on Tues 29/7.
    The news looks good, clicks will be well above forecast, 5 directors buying at 3.93 (30c LOK) and deals are being done that will add to the bottom line.
    MSN is looking more than ever to be either resigning on terms favourable to LOOK, or possibly mounting a take over bid. (Not as unlikely now as it might have appeared 3 months ago)
    Chart, volume and accumulation tells it's own story, and it's all up!
    Expectations are beginning to build that this report will beat the street easily.

    For those interested or ill-informed , here is a summary of price action from q to q, including the price a week or so after announcement for the last 8 quarters. You will see that there is no set pattern, only confirmation of the underlying trend in most cases. In the week following reporting there have been 5 down, 3 up.
    Q to Q the score is 2 down, 6 up.
    Two quarters in a row do not a pattern make.....

    Oct 31 2001 0.65 0.84 2.70 Up for week, up for Q
    Feb 4 2002 2.40 2.03 3.54 Down for week, up for Q
    April 24 2002 3.54 3.65 1.32 Up for week, down for Q
    July 30 2002 1.32 1.17 1.19 Down for week, down for Q
    Sept 11 2002 1.19 1.06 1.68 Down for week, up for Q
    Oct 30 2002 1.68 1.82 3.14 Up for week, up for Q
    Jan 29 2003 3.14 2.81 2.62 Down for week, up for Q
    May 16 2003 2.62 2.52 3.92 down for week, up for Q

    Hope this helps, its only a rough guide in the time I took to put it together. If there are any glaring errors, I apologise.

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