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    I sold totally out of BNB took my medicine ($650K) loss

    Bought 950,000 GOT at 84.5 cents , target price of $1.45 to recoup all BNB losses, went out for coffee this morning and guess what they reached $1.44 , bummer could of got out at 1.35 to 1.44

    Price now settled at $1.20.

    BNB taught me lessons, take your losses, don't buy more to average down, don't trust analysts.

    For all of you losing money, there are other stocks that you can trade. I sat and waited for BNB to reach my break-even price of $3.16. Saw the stock go to $2.50 and did not sell any watched it go up and down in vain and in the end sold all of tem at average of around $1.00.

    Meanwhile when I woke up I decided to not wait any longer for BNB and took action. AT least I have now recovered over $330K of my losses.

    My advice if you are waiting for BNB to go back up to over $3.00 think again. I waited and lost a lot of money through my stupidity. First time in my life I have lost any money of this magnitude.

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