Lawyers and engineers

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    Annual meeting of God and the Devil. (This is a non-denominational joke so you can put your own little god here)
    So, God asks the Devil, "how did you go this year, Devil?"
    "Oh, great, just great," said the Devil.
    "Oh, yeah, how come?"
    "Well, since that engineer came down, he saw how hot the place was so he said to me, 'I can fix this, if you like, Mr Devil,' so I told him to go ahead. A few pipes here and there, some wires elsewhere and in a couple of days, bingo! He's installed a beaut air conditioning system in the place. It's fantastic!"
    God frowned furiously and bellowed, "You can't do that! I'll sue you!"
    "Oh, yeah," said the Devil smuggly. "And where are YOU going to find a lawyer?"

    I know, I've offended a few million lawyers again!
    Ardent cheers to ya all!
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