launch of ny eft - increased demand for gold?

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    From today's market monitor on the US NBR program. I'm not exactly sure what 'gold commodity gold related products' are, but it makes interesting reading:

    KANGAS: What about buying the bullion itself? Will you favor that or do some of that?

    LEIBOVIT: I would, absolutely. In fact, next month supposedly there`s a new ETF coming on the New York Stock Exchange.

    KANGAS: Exchange traded fund, you mean?

    LEIBOVIT: Exchange traded fund, ticker symbol GLD. And that`s the World Council`s Equity Gold Trust. And from what I read, they`re empowered to buy about six million ounces of gold commodity gold related products. So there`s a lot of demand coming. I think gold is going to move up in anticipation of GLD starting to trade.

    KANGAS: Right. How high do you think gold can get on this move?

    LEIBOVIT: Well, you know, I don`t have a specific target. I`m looking at the XAU. But I think by the end of the year you could see anywhere from USD420 to 450.

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