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    Can you imagine the broken promises when they take him off his medication???????
    Come on folks. Don't you remember The Bodgy Bob Hawke's ridiculous promise of no child living in poverty by 1990? Or Paul Cheatings L. A. W. Law tax relief promises that were delivered.What a blatant lie. This mob will promise you anything to get into power. It all sounds wonderful to the ears but surely there are not that many gullible Australian out there who honestly believe that Labor has EVER had the capacity to comprehend economics sufficiently to understand resposible fiscal policy. If, and I believe it is still a BIG if, Latham's lies are believed by a sufficient number of people to put them wildly in control of OUR purse strings, as sure as day follows night, the Liberals will have to come to our rescue, and resurect a failing economy at the next election. How many times has it "had to" happen??? Won't we ever learn. The union controlled Labor party WILL have a party with our hard won money!.Even if the Liberals promised 10 times the amount thet Labor promises to spend on us, at least they could deliver resposibly. They have the credentials !
    My fellow Australians! Any country can only function properly if it has proper economic managers at the helm. No promises can be delivered without the money in the coffers. I urge any of you swinging voters out there not to put our countries future at risk. Vote 1--Liberal Party.
    For my parting shot. Look at the legacy that successive Labor politicians have given us: A huge national debt in record time;Mr. Khemlani and his middle eastern monopoly money (thanks to "Gough the Incompenent"); Union blackmail and never ending inflation(thanks to Bob"what's in it for me" Hawke); The famous "J CURVE" and the "recession we had to have" (thanks to Paul the "poor pig farmer" Keating). The list could be expanded until you fall asllep reading it !
    I've been around long enough to know when I'm well off and people, I can't see it getting any better under another incompetent and foolish Labor government.
    Here's a list to make shake in your boots and weep at the prospect of a Labor party TRYING to lead our great country.
    Historically: Whitlam (pomposity personified,Jim Cairns, Rex Connor, Crean (Frank--the father of the current idiot),Cameron,Khemlan, and don't forege the "Riverina Rig" druggy Al (Capone)Grasby ! Tnen of course there was another great hypocrite, the old motor cycle cop, Bill Hayden.who like Brian Burke from Western Australia, swore allegiance to God and the Queen, to get an overseas cushy "job for the boys" posting WHEN THEY WERE BOTH ADMITTED REPUBLICANS AND ATHEISTS !
    R. Hawke---what's in it for me?and how much?(the vitriolic cry baby) together with many very forgetable reprobates who carried on to the next despot;
    Paul (the Irish pig farmer ) Keating. The great bakrupter of them all ! Along with his cronies some of whom are still on the gravy train awaiting their enorous pension.
    Now we potentially have another fool about to have a go! The wild man Latham. If he is not kept under control he will be endeavour to please everyone over night. It just doesn't work that way. Look at the "well credentialled" cohorts that will go along for the ride. THE GREAT LIAR of all time: "Can't remeber" Carmen, who was resposible for one(known) suicide in WA and who rorted the travel system like none before of after; Kim "the Boofhead" Beazley, who says he has never let the West Australian people down ! When he was pretending to be the Minister for Defence, he awarded a hugely lucrative conract for the construction of the Collins Class submarines to South Australia! We don't forget Kim ! AND those submarines were build without galleys which had to be installed later (can you bekieve the incompetence???); "Dour" Rudd, who's never done anything constructive in his life !; Marn' Fergsin----what can you say about the poor man??? For God and country's sake, he should be put out to pasture where he can spit and rave to hearts content!; "All the worlds problems are caused by the GST" Crean. Give us a break Crean. What another failure to add to the list.
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