latham to clean up australia.....3 days early

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    Latham shows dirty side of politics
    Luke McIlveen

    IT was a political stunt intended to drive home Mark Latham's image as a working class man.

    But pictures of him wheeling the rubbish bin outside his suburban Sydney home on Sunday only created panic among his neighbours.
    Ratepayers around Glen Alpine made frantic calls to Campbelltown City Council yesterday, asking whether bin day had been moved from Tuesday to Sunday.

    "No, it's always been Tuesday -- people have been calling all morning asking that question. I don't know what's going on," a council employee said yesterday.

    Mr Latham's spokesman explained that the bin was put out three days early, to create a picture opportunity.

    But he said it also was because the MP's wife and two sons would be staying in Canberra until after the leadership ballot.
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