latham sells out to the greens

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    Tasmanian Labor Premier Paul Lennon accused Mr Latham of a stunt to attract environment votes.

    "Why? Because it's been determined that marginal seats in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and in South Australia demand it," Mr Lennon said. "So Tasmanian workers and their families and their livelihoods are today at risk for preferences in marginal seats across some states in mainland Australia."

    Labor MP Dick Adams, who holds the Tasmanian seat of Lyons by a normally comfortable margin of 8.2per cent, warned that Mr Latham's policy could put local seats at risk.

    He said the leader's commitment was "over-the-top" and played to marginal mainland electorates without considering the impact on workers who could not be compensated for the end of logging activity.

    "I'm devastated," he said. "It sells us out down here."

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