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    Victorian Speed Camera Sites

    Queens Road (Melbourne) 2K-J5, 2L-A8, 2l-A9:
    At night (from about 12pm-5am) police hide at the corner of the side
    streets halfway down the road a couple of times a week, usually for an
    hour or two at a time.

    Lakeside Drive (Albert Park) 2K-J7:
    This road is patrolled regularly by the police, with a favourite hiding
    spot being behind the red and white barriers near the Albert Road end.
    Regular patrol cars including Div. Vans, cars, and motorcycles drive
    around the road, pulling over anyone going noticeably quick in the
    opposite direction.

    Eastern Freeway (Kew) 45-B2: Laser Site
    They often hide at night under the Chandler Highway bridge in the centre
    medium strip.

    South Eastern Arterial (Mount Waverley) 70-D5:
    They often hide at night around the Forster Road exit in the centre
    medium strip within the trees.

    The Esplanade (Moorabbin - Brighton):
    Read the signs (police patrol this road with marked and unmarked patrol
    cars), the police like this road as much as drivers do, often parked
    down the short straights and radaring cars as they appear around

    Alexandra Avenue (South Yarra) 2L-H2:
    Under the railway bridge next to Melbourne High, is a daily? used speed
    camera site, notably in rush hour.

    Canterbury Road (Middle Park):
    Have you photo taken every day! Northbound, about two hundred metres
    Fitzroy Street. Sometimes on the Southbound side. Always in the car
    (sthbound) opp Middle Park hotel

    Beaconsfield Parade (St. Kilda, Middle Park):
    Between Kerford Rd and Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda on both sides of the
    road, all daylight hours.

    Beach Road (St. Kilda):
    Northbound, beside St. Kilda Marina

    (North Melbourne):
    Beside the North Melbourne footy ground. Both ways on the main drag.
    Also, Sth bound on Boundary Road North Melbourne,

    Yarra Boulevard (Richmond):
    Between Melbourne Girls College and V.C.A.H. Burnley.

    On Ferntree Gully Road at the bottom of Wheelers Hill they hide in a
    dirt driveway at night about halfway along the straight. Another place
    they are often located is on Jells Road. Halfway between Ferntree Gully
    and Wellington Road, they usually park a VR Commodore on the nature
    strip on the west side of the road, with a little black box sitting next
    to the car. It is extremely easy to spot. The speed limit is only
    60km/hr along this fairly main road.

    Gilbert Road (Preston/Reservoir):
    Just after Regent Street (closer to the city - ie. south side), same
    green station wagon as the one on Station Street (I think).

    Gower Street (Preston):
    Between Plenty Road and Albert Street, near Inverloch Street, Black
    TR(?) Magna, NFX-010. Other cars have been used along this long, wide,
    hill for several years. I always set my cruise control along the length
    of this street!

    Milleara Rd, (East Keilor):
    About 200 mts north of Keilor Park Drive Extension. Aimed to get people
    commuting from Western Ring Road to Calder freeway. Green VR commodore
    station wagon. Around 2-3 times a week.

    Canning St.
    Near the bridge of the Maribyrnong River. Marked cars only

    Calder Freeway
    Coming inbound near Keilor Village. Just before Keilor park drive exit
    on the down hill stretch. Blue VR Commodore Senior Sergeant of the TOG I
    have the ticket to prove it!!!!! He is there EVERY DAY......

    Ferntree Gully Road:
    About half way between the bottom of the hill and the Panasonic building
    is sometimes a speed camera (dark blue car) for either direction.

    Ferntree Gully Road:
    Speed camera usually near the school crossing 500m east of Scoresby
    Road, either direction.

    Ferntree Gully Road:
    Just around the bend heading towards Oakleigh (west) from the Burwood

    Huntingdale Road (???):
    In the deep gully between Ferntree Gully Road and the South Eastern
    (hardened) Arterial was a digitector (amphometer) last week. Only
    stopping south bound traffic, but there was a fuzz car hidden in the

    Dorset Road (Boronia):
    Near the park as you approach Boronia station from Burwood Highway
    (heading north). This is at the end of a gentle hill on a nice smooth
    road. Also know to have the dark blue car a bit further back, still on
    the north bound side.
    Another bast... is the Digitector (amphometer) on the larger hill
    approaching the petrol station (on the northbound side).

    Albert Road (Boronia):
    Speed camera near the pedestrian crossing, usually on the school side.
    Also sometimes past Millers Road.

    Millers Road (Boronia):
    At the bottom of the hill, near the tennis courts approaching Albert
    Road. The police have claimed that they don't put speed cameras at the
    bottom of hills. This camera could be about 10m away from the bottom of
    the hill, so they're technically correct in this case. After all, police
    never lie to the media.

    Orrong Road (Toorak) 2M-H8:
    Only heard about this one, not seen it. It's supposed to be at the
    bottom of a hill, er, I mean on the flat bit between two crests, between
    Malvern Road and Toorak Road.

    South Eastern Arterial (Dandenong):
    Radar gun someplace outbound between Princess Highway and Hampton Park
    exits. Likes to hide behind trees.

    Taylor's Lane (Rowville):
    Anywhere along this road, usually about halfway. It's a favourite for
    the police as people tend to use it as a short cut.

    Warrigal Road (Cheltenham East):
    Right near the Briner Signs sign, northbound, between Argus Street & Age
    Street. This is a clever one as the speed limit changes from 60 to 70
    about 100 metres after the speed camera's location. Lots of drivers
    think that the widening of the road and the huge expanse of fenced in
    grassland is a good place to slowly bring their speed up to the 70 zone.

    Warrigal Road (Oakleigh):
    Halfway between North Road and Dandenong Road, about 100 metres before
    the 7 Eleven when going north.

    Centre Dandenong Road (Dingley):
    Between Howard Road & Cubis Crescent.

    Centre Dandenong Road (Cheltenham):
    Between Cavanagh Street and Wilson Street.

    Hume Highway (Craigieburn):
    Normally two or three times a week there is a speed trap set up on the
    Hume Highway just south of Craigieburn (near the Note Printing Works).
    Normally the camera is set to get people going north, but sometimes they
    turn it around to get the southbound traffic. This is normally in the 90
    kph zone. Sometimes they will also set up a camera a little further
    north. The normal positioning is between the main exit ramp for
    Craigieburn and about 200 metres further on. Pointing north almost
    invariably. Craigieburn is around 25 km's north of the City, straight up
    the Hume.

    Beaconsfield Parade (St. Kilda, Middle Park):
    At night as well!

    Kirkham Rd (Dandenong):
    Between Dandenong Sth Primary School and Frankston Rd.

    Hammond Rd (Dandenong):
    Between Kirkham Rd and Dalgety Rd.

    Overport Road (Frankston) 102-C11:
    In the school Derinya Primary School front car park, with the new radar.

    North Road (South Caulfield):
    Between Hawthorn and Bambra Road. A daily favourite, they hide at the
    road side trying to catch those who have increased speed coming down the
    hill going east. Sometimes at night also.

    Dandenong Road (St. Kilda) 58-B7: Laser Site
    At St. Kilda Junction, in the causeway type section after Chapel St.
    going under St. Kilda/Punt Rd., city bound. Parked sometimes during the
    zapping as cars come over the crest.

    Doncaster - Wetherby Road, 14-9-97:
    Usually a grey Magna, in a bus stop where a new housing estate is being
    built about 400m south of Doncaster Road. In a 60 zone but the road is
    designed for 80. Further down the hill about 400m again as you cross the
    Eastern Freeway extension into Blackburn North, a radar is also in

    Princess Highway (Rosewall) 224-G4:
    Speed Camera has been used in 80 zone just before the Freeway starts and
    the road goes to 2 lanes from 3, and turns left going north bound.

    Settlement Road (Newtown) 228A-C12, 228-A6:
    Northbound just after crossing the Barwon River, uses a side street on
    the left, even at 2.15am on a Saturday morning.

    Princess Highway (Highton) 229-F2:
    Uses Speed Camera on northbound lanes, near CFA Fire Station.

    Country Victoria

    Hume Highway:
    Near the south Seymour exit is a well used hideout in the centre medium
    strip hidden in bushes, a very popular hideout because of it's close
    proximity to Seymour.

    Goulburn Valley Highway:
    During day and evening police monitor this stretch of road quite heavily
    with moving radar, based in Shepparton. About 3km south of Nagambie,
    south of a bend is a little hideout which is used daily, most often at
    night, only visible at about 200m away. NOTE the Nagambie cop has the
    consent of the towns people to use his radar gun at will, so he does!

    Great Ocean Road:
    Anglesea - Coming down hill into Anglesea from the south (60 or 80
    zone?). Lorne - Coming into Lorne from the North, after 1st corner of
    the 60 zone, parked on the side of the road of the longish straight. And
    also the South area of Lorne past the Cumberland etc. before the pub on
    the corner and the 80 zone, hidden down the off streets.

    Sale Police have a Black XR8 (old model) Falcon, with factory alloys,
    spoiler, tinted windows alpine stereo, small lights in rear window and 2
    aerials, one big and one small, and they have a red XR6 (current model)
    with full body kit and spoilers etc... They also have a STOCK commodore,
    with factory hub caps, and very small lights in rear window, (5*5 cm)
    with 1 only telephone aerial.

    Hamilton Hwy:
    Murgheboulic, some 20km west of Geelong.

    Aberdeen St.

    Myrtleford 14-9-97: Ovens Highway between Gavan Street and disused
    Railway crossing. Camera is facing in the Bright direction.
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