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    For those still interested in Top 40 movements.
    Variations from June 30th to July 12th.


    1. Top 40 have slightly increased holdings from 453.2m to now 456.1m or 73.2%.

    2. A new entrant , a Super Fund, at number 7 with 3.664m. Also entered at No 2 on the options list( refer below).

    3. HSBC increased their holding from 15.3m to 15.66m shares.

    4. JP Morgan also increased its holding from 5.88m to 6.1m.

    5. National Nominees also increased holding from 1.8m to 3.32m.

    6. A second new entrant at No 27 with 1.15m.

    7. You need 900,000 to enter Top 40 list.


    Based upon the above movements looks as if there is still confidence by Top 40 Holders.

    A great show of confidence by a new entrant who has 3.664m shares and 2m options that expire next month!


    1. Top 40 slightly increased holdings from 28.17m to 28.28m or 47.6%.

    2. A new entrant at No 2 with 2.058m options. Refer above. This Super Fund also entered the Top 40 Shares list at No7.

    3. Holder No3 sold down 200,000 from 2.2m options.

    4. Holder No 16 went from 539,000 options to now 592,658.

    5. Three new option holders at No 27 with 400,000, No28 with 396,625 options and another at No 34 with 340,000 options.

    6. You need 300,000 options to enter the Top 40 list.


    No sign of panicking as Expiry date approaches. In fact there appears to be confidence shown by 4 new entrants on the Top 40 list.

    You are all free to interpret the above movements anyway you like. My conclusion is , contrary to no key announcement from NKP and options expiry a month away we STILL have a very stable register.

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