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latest thoughts post meeting

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    Dear Forum,

    firstly thank you to Mr Tales for enquiring after myself at the meeting today! I am well, and I am pleased to see that you read the hot copper website! Perhaps, you could make aware under which name you utilise to contribute to the hot copper website!

    I would like to confirm that I was not at the meeting today!

    Subscriber Numbers!

    from 39000 to 49000 in 4 months
    (ie 2500 per month).... very disappointing

    what is the marketing spend for this period? I would assume more than the $310k per month during the previous 6 months, because I have been noticing ENGIN comercials on TV and ENGIN ads in the news paper! (that I did not notice prior to June 2006)

    now there has been 4 months, ie $1.240m, and 10,000 new subs, ie $124 per new sub! A fair deal greater than the $85 quoted previously (acutally looking at the figures 1861500/(39000-18100) = $89/new sub). It seems as though the cost to obtain a new subscriber has gone up???? Much like Vonage, as discussed at the meeting today.

    Figures of Sub Numbers
    39000 25th June 06
    43000 25th July 06
    46000 29th Sep 06
    approx? 49000 at 30th Oct 2006

    Ie July, August, Sep, Oct (4 months)= net 10,000 extra
    ie 2500 per month (not 4000-5000/per month)

    "Sep Quarter Sales up by 34%"
    comment: av subs during June quarter = (39000+27400)/2 = 33200
    av subs during Sep = (46000+39000)/2 = 42500
    hence 42.5/33.2 = 128%

    hence I would expect sale to have gone up 28% alone! In fact it was 34% )ie 6% favourable, but marketing (alone) cost per new sub was up 50% (at a min)!

    Sub Number Increase
    per quarter
    10000 increase 72%
    18100 increase 81%
    27400 increase 51%
    39000 increase 42%
    46000 increase 18%

    perhaps we are seeing a slowing!

    i would be interested in the forum's comments!


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