latest poll not looking good for gillard

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    "VOTERS have overwhelmingly rejected Julia Gillard's carbon tax with the majority demanding the Prime Minister call an early election to seek a mandate for a tax she promised not to introduce.
    In confirmation that the package announced Sunday had fallen on deaf ears, 68 per cent of voters are under the belief they will be financially worse off under the tax.

    This is despite $15 billion in tax cuts and handouts to most households linked to the carbon tax, and a promise that two thirds of all families would be fully compensated or come out in front from generous compensation payments. Voters have also delivered their verdict on the Greens, with 62 per cent claiming the minority party had too much power and was calling the shots in the Gillard government.

    In the first nationwide Galaxy poll conducted after the release of the carbon tax for The Daily Telegraph, 60 per cent of all people said they were opposed to the tax.

    The results have dashed hopes among Labor MPs that the government, and their leader, would get a bounce from the release of the package after months of uncertainty and a hostile scare campaign by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

    It has also confirmed the worst fears of Labor MPs that the credibility and long-term viability of the government had been severely damaged by embracing the Greens. The conclusion of 63 per cent of all voters was that Ms Gillard had no mandate for the tax and should go to an election, with just 29 per cent of people claiming they were in favour of the tax.

    The results also suggest that voters have stopped listening to the PM and had hardened their views that Ms Gillard had broken a promise not to introduce a carbon tax.........."

    "....."The majority of voters remain opposed to the tax and believe she should call an early election before it is introduced," he said......

    .....The poll was conducted on Monday night, giving the public more than 24 hours to digest the full extent of the tax and its wider implications....."

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