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    For those of you who are wondering why I ma so bearish and can be bothered to post even though I dont hold,the answer it simply to esnure people that hold are thinking about buying consider the facts.

    the best way i can help people relate to how stuffed an ivestmentt his stock consider the follwing. if you aswer is yes then keep holding MON

    Oil company A
    currently producing oil at a cost of $130 barrels. oil trading at $98.

    oil company states that by December that should be prodcing at $80 per barrel (no guatantees.)

    oil company claims to have 20 million barrels of oil, but we dont know if they can get it out of the ground and at what cost. Would you buy this company?

    In many ways an exploration company is better than a producer whos prod cists are higher than cost or materail being produced, because at least their cash burn is slower.
    review companies that have either gone bankrupt or had their vlaue redcued to a fraction, it is generally at prod stage when costs are high GLN BMO BDG

    ok - this is where I will exit the discussion . I dont want to overdo it

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