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    hi F.B

    i think the board will go all out to get the options in the money and well over the line. why wouldn't they it's a nice $6.4mm in the kitty.

    i susepct they'll probably find an underwriter at some point in the next month or so.

    just a gut feeling they might enter another sector under the Energy Umbrella perhaps Geothermal Hot Rocks..????

    interesting Non-Executive Director Dr Mark Elliott is managing director of Hot Rock Ltd.


    the above is NOT a buy, hold or sell recommendation.


    Hi sandybeachs so what do you think of the EPEO,s are they worth a punt.

    They are cheep if the coy has somthing good up there sleave but they only have a short life time left.

    The heads are all ways the safer bet if you have the time to wait lol Sometimes anyhow :)

    I would gess sandy you have a punt in EPE/EPEO

    Which way have you gone for heads or tails ?
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