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Last doubts removed

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    Forest Enterprises has just released an announcement stating that it has put in place a $6million facility between its bankers and annother party and successfully restructured existing longterm facilities to secure its future.

    This excellent and long awaited news and frees up any punters that may have doubted the security of investing in this stock to take positions.

    Remember, this stock has 39c worth on NETT TANGIBLE ASSETS.

    And you can buy them for between 12 and 12.5 per share - what a joke.

    Can't wait to see where that figure ends up post the close of June 30 tax effective investment purchases from the current prospectus.

    Watch to see all the major tax effective bluegum plantation managers announce upgraded tangible asset bases post June 30.

    Safety in a storm ?

    GTP, TIM and FEA.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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