last chance

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    On aug 8 the current options are due for conversion --35 c to pay.

    These are currently fully underwritten. Sales in the options are now ar a discount to the price of the shares. These options are a overhang on the share price.

    ----so entry into the shares via the options is very favourable..

    the company will collect approx $7mill from conversion and underwriting..

    A DD on the underwriters reveals some very solid investors are coming in from USA and Eur.--this is not surprising as when the Chrismas island position is settled then there will be dinkum cash flows and PROFITS.

    The Overseas investors will no doubt insist on overseas listings ,adding greater exposure . They luv the Spaceport and the mining venture.

    It is not often they can get immediate returns for their investments. With all the accounting gruff going on in USA ,ABK investment is a welcome relief.

    So expect a whooosh after August 8--if not before.

    the clock is ticking ......
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