lasseters reef

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    I was sitting in a car park watching the ocean and an aboringal man in his car was drinking some wine. I asked him which tribe was he from, he said he comes from mt Davies. I dont remember the name name of his tribe just where he came from.

    I asked him why he was in adelaide, he was looking for truck, he said he had a huge bolder of jade which sells for about $1000 per kilo. Not manny truck hire companies would hire to aboriginals and he asked me to help him.
    I got talking, telling him I invest in the stock market.

    The converstation became interesting as he mentioned that lasseters reef was near Mt Davies and that the aboriginal elders knew where the gold was but didnt want anyone to go near it. He claimed that his grandfather killed lasseter, by only giving lasseter enough food to get home but lasseter with his greed decided to keep on exploring and staved to death. Apparently the elders covered up the gold cave so noone cold find it. The elders know where the gold is but will not tell the younger generation because they dont want visitors in the area.
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