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laser device receives overwhelming response

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    HOMEX - Melbourne

    Norwood Abbey Limited (ASX:NAL) has exhibited its revolutionary laser
    device ("LAD") for the delivery of topically applied anaesthetics at
    the 6 th International Symposium on Paediatric Pain Management. Over
    400 delegates are attending the symposium in Sydney from 15-19 th
    June 2003.

    Norwood has received very significant interest from, Australian, New
    Zealand, North American and European delegates.

    "This product will revolutionize children's health care as we know
    it. Imagine painless blood tests and needle procedures - children may
    actually like going to the doctor" said Renee Manworren, Paediatric
    Clinical Nurse and Manager of Pain Management, at the Childrens
    Medical Centre of Dallas in the USA.

    The Children's Medical Centre of Dallas will commence using the LAD
    over the next couple of months and their response to the LAD has been

    The LAD system consists of a laser device and single-use disposable
    tip, and is intended to painlessly and temporarily alter the outer
    layer of the skin (stratum corneum) enhancing the penetration of
    topically applied drugs. Clinicians and nurses indicate that the slow
    onset of action of topically applied anaesthetics is the major
    barrier to use of these products prior to needle insertion
    procedures. The LAD reduces the time of anaesthesia onset from 30-60
    minutes to just 5 minutes, enabling more patients to be treated with
    local anaesthetic prior to cannulation, venipuncture and other needle

    Norwood is commencing large-scale manufacture of LAD units with
    Lightmed Corporation of Taiwan. Norwood expects to commence sales in
    North America within weeks. Executive Chairman, Peter Hansen, said
    "The Company believes that the LAD technology represents a
    breakthrough in transdermal drug delivery of topically applied local
    anaesthetics. According to Mr Hansen, there is also potential to use
    the LAD with many other pharmaceuticals including vaccines and

    To find out more about the company, visit


    Peter Hansen Lippert Heilshorn & Assoc.
    EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN Kim Sutton Golodetz
    613-9782-7333 [email protected]
    Bernie Romanin 613-9782-7333 212-838-3777
    Director of Marketing Bruce Voss
    613-9782-7333 310-691-7100
    [email protected]
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