larry stillman?? terror shield!?!?

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    Larry Stillman's outrage (Letters 19/3) at the unfortunate death of a terrorist shield is amazing.

    He compares the tree-hugger protester who tries to prevent loggers from bulldozing trees to a person who intentionally enters a war zone to protect the home of a terrorist!

    I thought the Age editors actually thought through the logic of what they printed.

    Obviously not, given the inane defence of Saddamite racism and oppression found in the 'Letters' columns over the past year.

    Stillman's nonsense falls into the same category as Chris McGreal's comment ('Sharon plans to encircle Palestinian state with wall' 19/3) quoting a 'respected documenter of Israeli expansion'.

    Since all such 'documenters' are left-wing pro-Palestinian terror apologists, the word 'respected' is a bit misplaced.

    Mind you, if the Age reporting staff have a serious challenge accessing freely available casualty statistics on the current Palestinian war, any child able to use Google properly would likely be classed as 'respected'.
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