hey jet I'm not envious i made a decision a long time ago that i...

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    hey jet I'm not envious i made a decision a long time ago that i was going to stay here for better or worse. I have a preference for being anchored and this is where i now have more friends and family. so it's home. like any person in a democratic country however i choose to exercise my right to have a voice. i do not mock apprenticeships and if you took it that way let me clarify. you can't encourage apprenticeships and discourage university study and think you are building a future. I m going to sound a lot like someone I don't particularly like - but while I don't have a problem with manufacturing or mining in their own right if we are to be wealthy and lucky in the future we have to be simultaneously building a future which is properly informed by technology, AI, knowledge, science. I suspect even our building industry is going to have to be substantially rethought for a whole variety of reasons. I know that not everything will fall to machines and people will become redundant but I do think that we are foolish if we think we shouldn't try to get into the game on that future - or we risk being left terribly behind.

    i have in the past had many debates about the way apprenticeships have been on again and off again and I know their value. But employers have failed to play their part as well. the approach to the training and education has been twisted and in my view unhelpfully so. but there is nothing about my views that say they don't have value. I have not idea why thinking that intellect and research and analytical think have real value is somehow a put down of others. surely you do not suffer from either/or thinking. there is something to be said for developing a capacity for "and" "plus" and "why not"

    I would regard myself as centrist and am tough in terms of slouchers and miscreants, and productivity and takers. I don't think that a belief in compassion and decency should be the mark of a leftist but persistently that is what seems to be used to mark out these political divides. if that is the mark and the "mark of the devil" then stamp it on my forehead.

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