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    All the ramping today failed to stop a large seller for 6m being offered in crossover period at 30 cents & another 1.5m at 29 cents. Although there were several 1 million plus buy orders, the large sellers clearly had control of the close today.
    A line of 6 million shows some big holders were not happy to be holders in the light of today's Report. Traders who have stayed long will have to reassess whether to hang around or move on. Just remember T+3 days from Thursday could see a lot of positions closed out.
    Over the whole week reasonably comfortable with how my views have transpired. Couldn't believe I called the big write downs & CNP raced up on Thursday, guess it just shows markets are not all rational in the short term.
    Expecting less posters on CNP pushing their barrel next week as things quiten down on posts.
    Hopefuly more in depth anaylsis from posters next week.
    PS Please do your own research on CNP. Enjoy the Webcast.
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