Bill Gates knows burgers.(..he knows a lot of stuff..)When...

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    Bill Gates knows burgers.

    (..he knows a lot of stuff..)

    When Microsoft moved from Albuquerque to the Seattle region back in the 1980s, the nearby Burgermaster in Bellevue, Wash., was basically the company’s cafeteria. More recently, a photograph of the billionaire standing in line for a burger at Seattle fast-food mainstay Dick’s Drive-In went viral, much to his own surprise.

    These days, Gates is focusing heavily on issues of climate and sustainability, all of which makes him the perfect person for a cameo on Mark Rober’s new episode about plant-based burgers and other meat alternatives. The popular YouTuber, an engineer known for his imaginative and sometimes outlandish experiments and projects, cooks and serves plant-based burgers and bratwurst to Gates.

    So what does Gates think? Before we get to that, as longtime Seattle residents, we need to call Rober out for a highly offensive remark about a mainstay of our culinary scene. Sitting down with Gates in the video, Rober uses Dick’s burgers as a scientific control, establishing a baseline for assessing the plant-based alternatives.

    Mark Rober and Bill Gates get ready for their taste test. (Screenshot via YouTube)
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