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I wouldn't be too concerned about that yet. There is some smart...

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    I wouldn't be too concerned about that yet. There is some smart political manoeuvring to extend the life span of a career in decline.

    There are similarities in many industries. Mining have automated trucks and trains, many operated remotely from 1000s of KMs away - all of these changes started with using the roles already involved in that skillset, such as train engineers and truck drivers. They know what they need to look out for, and what matters. These learnings are feed back into the development lifecycle and improve the product

    I am not comparing this to warfare, however when Air Forces around the world introduced Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, they initially required the drone operators to have first been pilots. No one likes having to face into the reality of a demise in something they trained very long and hard, and have pride in doing. And now Air Forces scour for talent at e-games tournaments, looking for those with reaction speed, ability to process vast amounts of info and understand what matters to their situation (or not) and ability to remain cool under pressure. The training of a drone pilot has reduced substantially too, as they (the AF) better understand how to us them and how to make effective and efficient decisions.

    I think we will see a different set of skills required for operators to either bricklaying or coding. An operators is going to need to understand how to fix basic issues with Hadrian - mechanical and system related. However I don't see them needing to be a bricklayer or a software engineer.

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