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Land and Expand

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    There is a paradigm amongst leading consulting firms -" Land and Expand" and US sales teams know it well.

    I assume that Teleste will be integrating Brainchip studio into their Command and Capture operating system that they use for all CCTV deployments.

    Now I don't know whether BRN was selected for this municipal deployment because of competitive tender by Teleste or a REQUIREMENT of the client. Toulouse Police and Railways given we are already given a trial at Toulouse Railway and Toulouse Police use the product already and are on the technical National Selection Committee for Video Analystics as well as for Europe (from memory of previous research).

    No matter the Teleste installation

    and likely use of OSA (Optical Systems Australia) and Luxriot CCTV products means the WHOLE network is ripe for retrofit of BRN BCS (Brainchip Studio) and need for a very fast server chip system wide. Matter of fact 2 huge CCTV networks one which is one of the largest in the World

    There is little or no AI in these CCTV systems AND WE HAVE LANDED.

    Now funnily given our trial with the Toulouse Railway guess who installed and runs the CCTV system for railways all across France - yes Teleste.

    Also Teleste have significant deployments in US and AUS.

    Their marketing material does not have an AI dimension.

    For me this is a long play with VERY significant payoff.

    I remain a small accumulator over the next 6-12 months and as always will participate in any CR as it puts my money in the company not some traders pocket. I have done since AZK but did trade out when dazzled with the early profits.

    Fundamental Analysis allowed me to steadily accumulate a small holding

    Read Bill Gates about AI even all the other leading Billionaires are starting to get it but this company has principles still - keep control PVDM and Anil you are doing a great public service
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