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LAMP will soon be out of date

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    The facts are that China’s middle class is growing; and that the Chinese economy has already created a very large number of upper class gadget and positional good consumers; and that India is now accelerating its economy towards the same goals of rapid GDP growth fueled first by infrastructure growth and then by consumerism.  This indicates that it is WITH China’s economic growth model in mind, not that of the contemporary USA, that India will proceed. This means that with the plateauing of HREE production in SE Asia that the world’s second and soon-to-be third largest economies governing the lives of 1/3 of the earth’s peoples that HREEs are to be sought after avidly now and for perhaps the next two decades. HREE production/separation/purification/metals and alloys fabrication is thus a solid long term investment.

    Yes, there are ionic adsorption clays outside of southern China, and yes, I believe that the production of HREES will INCREASE in Malaysia as its ionic adsorption clays are worked and as xenotime from tin refining continues to be produced there. BUT the best, largest, and longest mining life HARD ROCK deposits of the HREEs are to be found today in North America, Europe, and Australia.

    The APPLICATION of existing separation technologies used for decades in the processing of other metals is now being directed to the separation of mixed HREEs from each other. In addition the traditional method of separating the individual rare eraths from each other, solvent extraction, is being rapidly improved with regard to soak time and costs. One or more of these technological advances-all developed by small size private chemical engineering companies-will succeed in being pilot plant proven by mid 2016 at the latest. (sounds like the LAMP will soon be out of date - old technology)

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    The traditional methods of rare earth metals and alloys production, metallothermic reduction and the electrolysis of molten salt rare earth eutectics with alkaline or alkali earth salts, are being modernized and new technologies, including biochemical ones, are moving to pilot plant stage. If the new high growth markets in Asia are to be satisfied then investments will have to made in HREE production from hard rock sources right now. This is why Chinese, Japanese, and Korean groups have invested in Greenland and Southern Africa and Australia.

    The basic commodity minerals markets have stalled due to China’s infrastructure growth entering a necessary cooling off period while India is just beginning. It is a hiatus. But in any case the production of critical rare technology metals and materials for consumer electronics has plateaued not due to overcapacity but due to a match between current capacity and current demand. To expand the markets for consumer electronics from today’s size to that of tomorrow’s it is critical that HREEs be brought into production outside of China. Otherwise the age of consumer electronics technology will be more and more restricted to the Big Top.

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