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    The following story made me laugh so hard that I just had to share it with you. You may think that this is a joke story, but no, it is featured currently on ninemsn and is an AAP article!

    Muslim leader says Khazal no threat

    A Sydney man named in a report by US intelligence agency CIA as having links with al-Qaeda was not a security risk, an Australian Muslim leader said.

    Keysar Trad, vice-president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, said Bilal Khazal would already have been arrested if he posed any threat.

    "He is abrupt, he is abrasive, he's just someone who's not generally a nice person," Mr Trad said.

    "He sometimes likes to talk tough (but) he's not a security risk.

    "I have not seen anything from the group that he associates with that would pose any risk to the security of Australia."

    A Four Corners program on Monday night said the CIA report alleged Mr Khazal trained in Afghanistan in 1998 and was planning attacks on US interests in Venezuela and the Philippines.

    He worked for Qantas until a security review shortly before the 2000 Olympics and now runs an internet site for the Islamic Youth Movement in Sydney.

    Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Mr Khazal's passport had been revoked because of security concerns.

    Mr Trad admitted he had not spoken to Mr Khazal for about seven or eight years, since Mr Khazal left the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney's south-west and began worshiping at another centre.

    However, Mr Trad said if any of the people named in the ABC program, such as Mr Khazal, were a security threat, they would be in custody.

    "All the concerns that they raised, if these had been genuine security concerns, then why weren't these people arrested? Why weren't they charged with anything?" he said.

    "These people roam about freely.

    "It just all seems to be a huge beat up because there's such fear out there in the community."

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    Quote from the above story
    "He worked for Qantas until a security review shortly before the 2000 Olympics and now runs an internet site for the Islamic Youth Movement in Sydney."

    The website of the Islamic Youth Movement is none other that the Nida 'ul website that is considered an anti-Semitic, pro terrorist site. If I remember correctly, they ran an interview with Osama Bin Laden a few years back. Here is their site
    Read what AIJAC had to say about Nida `ul

    This is humorous, but it is not what hit my funny bone

    To discover what made me laugh , please read the following bits of evidence and the picture will form.......

    Read the following article:

    and this one too

    So who is Keysar Trad? He is none other than Sheik Hilaly's mouth piece! Read the article below, or just the excerpt I have provided.

    "Sheik Taj el-Din Al Hilaly has a office in the Lakemba mosque, a house next door and is, according to the Lebanese Muslim Association, which runs Australia's largest mosque, indisputably Lakemba's senior imam.

    Yet it is the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, not the LMA, that pays him.

    Lakemba mosque financially supports another imam, Yahya Safi, who others say is the rightful imam of the mosque.

    The spokesman for the LMA, Keysar Trad, said Sheik Al Hilaly was not the sole imam of the Lakemba mosque but was its most senior religious leader."

    With all that out of the way, now I can ask you - how can a legitimate news service run serious a story about a "respectable" Muslim leader claiming that a suspected terrorist is no threat after all. Especially when the "respectable" Muslim leader making the claims appears to have dubious connections to terrorism?
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