LAF lafayette mining limited

laf is a dog for suckers !!

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    The more I look at LAF the more I see huge problems. Now the wood-ducks may push the price and good luck to you short term traders -but study the NGO submissions in terms of the environmental aspects and I don't like this stock one bit. If I had my way all these fruitcakes from the NGO's would be lined up and shot -no questions asked -but we don't make the rules in the Philippines. Sit down over a beer with a filipino and work out what makes them tick -when you have done that boys report back to me -and the banks who incidentally haven't a clue either. Ask yourself why the Philippines never became an Asian tiger like Thailand . I know why because I asked the guy in the street and NOTHING has changed. A guy from Macquarie posted on Mine Web he worked for that bank -and he said they knew nothing about mining and what they were financing -and I think he was not far wrong.
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