ladies...please be aware of shoe peepers!!

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    Alleged Silicon Valley Peeping Tom goes high tech
    Wed Jun 25, 2:46 PM ET

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Fusing age-old lust with the kind of technology that made Silicon Valley famous, a Californian allegedly rigged up a tiny camera on his shoe to look up women's dresses -- until he was nabbed by police.

    "It's kind of like a modern version of the guy with a mirror on his shoe," Palo Alto detective Jim Coffman said on Wednesday. "It was a pinhole camera -- it is something that we use for surveillance purposes."

    Police said James Rich, 56, was nabbed at a classic car show on Sunday when someone noticed that he had little interest in cars and a particular focus on skirted woman attending the event.

    A camera lens the size of a pinhead was discovered placed on his shoe laces and linked via a wire in his pants to a video camera, police said.

    Rich was arrested and then released on misdemeanour charges for taking photographs of skin or underwear when there is an expectation of privacy, Coffman said.
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