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lack of skilled workers

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    Business suffers from lack of skilled workers 6/7/04

    A survey of Australian businesses has found there is more concern about finding skilled labour than business taxes and charges.
    The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's survey of investor confidence asks Australian firms to list the greatest constraints on how much they invest.
    For the first time in the survey's history, businesses have nominated the lack of suitably qualified employees as the number one constraint on investment.
    It is only the second time business concerns about taxes and charges has been moved from the top of the list.
    The survey also shows expectations of interest rate rises some time this year are beginning to take effect in the business world.
    For the first time in 10 years, interest rates have made the top 10 list of constraints.
    But in general terms, most of those surveyed believed the national economic conditions were good to very good, and that business conditions would continue to improve.

    …..Catalyst should be a big winner from this. Got a heap of these and I’ll top up on any weakness.
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