labour all quiet about Clives SMS

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    Labour and it's army of keyboard warriors have gone very quiet on Clive Palmers dastardly SMS

    Turnbull the left's illegitimate offspring, observed the following after the 2016 election.
    After his close call in 2016, when Labor came within two seats of staging an upset and winning the election, the prime minister singled out “Mediscare”, as one of the biggest issues of the campaign.
    He has spoken of it often in the years since the election. Turnbull stated
    “How do we deal with their lies? We all know that Labor got away with a lot of lies in the 2016 election,” he said. “They went out there and said the government was going to sell Medicare. A preposterous and absurd allegation.

    Okay lefty's it's in your hands, what is labour going to scare the populace with in 2019?

    Your silence in ignoring Clive's SMS, convinces me labour is hatching another scare.!
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