Labor's ploy

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    It has become very clear that Labor (their chief architect this election was Chris Bowen) through their policies is not to help Australian workers become better and wealthier, but to stop them becoming better and wealthier.

    Firstly, they continue to spriuk policies that hand out money to make people dependent on welfare so they can never become self sufficient and "Only Labor will continue to give you access to the welfare you have become accustomed to".

    Secondly, their anti-wealth policies, such as Capital Gains Tax and their demonisation of Franking Credit Refunds, are there to stop anyone who wants to accumulate wealth by making it so hard to do, they just give up - all the while keeping them in the working class.

    Well it backfired, and these people are awake to the fact that if they want to reach for the light at the end of the tunnel, LABOR is not the way.

    Policies aimed at keeping people in the working class will just make them angry in the end!
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