Labor's Legacy

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    Can you believe the fact that Labor's mismanagement of our economy has resulted in a national "INTEREST' bill of $1Billion that the country has to pay every 10 days!

    That's ONE BILLION dollars of dead money we have to pay every 10 days !

    I don't think our grandchildren will thank this generation for allowing those Labor stooges, Rudd, Gillard, Swan, Wong or Bowen for their ineptitude!

    Of course we could never expect an apology from the blind, rusted on Labor/Greens die hards. They'll just keep on blindly voting for that mob because their parents did. What ignorant bliss!

    Whilst the Coalition do everything they can to restore the economy from Labor's destruction, the obstructive, un-Australian Labor Party, the Greens and the dysfunctional and irresponsible Senate continue to blindy act in a way that is completely against the interests of our country.

    The media, especially the ABC, is complicit in such distainful and disgusting acts of bastardry !
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