Spot on bunny...The employers that employ many of the lesser...

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    Spot on bunny...

    The employers that employ many of the lesser paid workers enjoy deals with the trade unions...Wersfarmers (Coles, Bunnings), Woolworths, McDonalds etc

    They don't pay penalty rates as such, so Shortens crap about restoring penalty rates will only affect the small family business employing one to five or six people. Restaurants, small retailers and so on, putting them at a disadvantage once again to big business that cosy up to trade unions.

    Shortens modus operandi is to destroy small business in this country, to give his trade union's extraordinary power to bring any company to it's knees that will not tow the trade union line.

    The only thing his idiotic plan to push to increase wages will do is create further unemployment by causing many small businesses to become non viable.

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