labor recession again?

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    Labor recession again?

    Black economic figures out now... Australia two thirds of the way to a "recession"

    Biggest economic dive since Gough Whitlam

    We are now at the same state of recession as 1991 from the trumpeted "worlds greatest treasurer" Paul Keating

    One more quarterly drop... and we, (Australia) is officially in recession

    Gough Whitlam, another Fabian, advised Paul Keating to get back on track with the "Agenda"

    Do you remember that folks?

    What Agenda?... Was that the Keating recession we had to have?

    Now we have Gillard the Fabian and Australia heading full speed into another recession iceberg

    Just what do these Fabians economic paupers have in store for Australia?

    What have they plotted in backrooms and not fully informed Australian voters?

    Please let us know... it is our country... Not Gillards

    Australia does not belong to the Labor Party or the Fabians or the Greens

    Australia belongs to the people

    Go to an election Gillard

    That's the right thing to do

    Just my opinions
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