labor party - rudd ready to roll

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    Could we have our first Queensland PM? Scary.
    From Crikey.


    A Canberra press gallery insider writes:

    "Dennis Shanahan's piece in Thursday's Oz, following Laurie Oakes'
    sizzling Bulletin column last week, shows how the gallery leaders have
    decided Simon Crean is politically finished. Word around the gallery is
    that Queensland MP Kevin Rudd is the chosen one, following a deal done
    between leadership wannabes and fellow Queenslanders Craig Emerson and
    Wayne Swan.

    The fact Emerson has apparently ticked off on this deal is good news for
    Rudd given Emerson's closeness to Victorian MP Julia Gillard - she should
    be good for a few numbers.

    Rudd is already telling key gallery journos that he has 'the ability to
    tap into middle Australia'. In recent weeks Rudd has been publicly
    courting fellow MPs at Parly House 'Aussies' cafe, including key members
    of Labor's left and right factions.

    Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper has long been a fan of Rudd and would
    love to have a Brissy boy as opposition leader. Interesting timing that
    last week the traditionally Labor-leaning paper issued a strong editorial
    putting the kiss-of-death on Crean.

    Word is Rudd is less than happy with Crean's performance on the Iraq
    issue. In particular, Rudd was said to be fuming following Crean's 7.30
    Report and Press Club effort when he stumbled over his support for Aussie

    This Kerry O'Brien interview was apparently the last straw for Rudd and he
    is expected to use the 6 week break from Parliament (and his
    multi-millionaire wife's job network coin) to travel the countryside
    lobbying for the necessary numbers to get him over the line. The other
    often spoken of contender as Crean's replacement, comeback-kid Kim, looked
    very relaxed during this week's sittings, seen sitting in the fresh autumn
    sun of a parliament house courtyard luxuriating in the warmth of a
    cappucino and a long Cuban cigar - certainly not the look of somebody
    remotely interested in picking up Crean's pieces.

    Cheers, Hill insider"
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