labor learning at last ???

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    Federal Labor's new immigration spokesman, Laurie Ferguson, has angered refugee advocates by claiming that many asylum seekers have fraudulent claims and are manipulating the legal system.

    Refugee support groups have begun a campaign called Educating Laurie and are urging the public to send letters and emails.

    The director of Adelaide Catholic welfare agency Centacare and prominent refugee advocate Dale West says Labor has already said that if it took a different view, it would be in opposition for 20 years.

    "I'm just wondering now when it looks like that's the case anyway, if Laurie Ferguson is the best person for the job because some of the things that he said in the Age yesterday about the vast majority of people being queue jumpers and that sort of thing, when in fact 93 per cent of people who come come as asylum seekers tend to be refugees, is clearly an ignorant position to take," Mr West said.

    Dave R.
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