ride around in thongswalk the streets without being molested...

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    ride around in thongs

    walk the streets without being molested ------------- I could walk in the streets of Hoi An without being accosted or approached once ------------- never happens in Melbourne - always pulled up by some religious freak or collector

    the bit of walking I did in Saigon was the same

    the only people that pull up and ask you for something are taxis trying to get you to go somewhere - and, they don't do that if you look like you're exercising.

    it basically seemed that you could squirt out and do what you liked as long as it were reasonable and no one would give it a second glance.

    I think one of the main things was the almost total lack of aggression - even if you stuffed up on the road - people were amazingly patient - and, this is from a nation where every bugger goes the wrong way and basically, they pretty much go anywhere they want (which was quite different in eg. Thailand - where I definitely did NOT feel the same)

    I found 'some' similar things in Germany interestingly -------- seeing kids do things that Aussie kids just wouldn't be allowed to do in a fit.

    Oz is cloistered to me
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