I think the problem really comes with anyone or any country or...

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    I think the problem really comes with anyone or any country or entity that feels the need to control others. You see it all the time. It happens in families, it happens in Workplaces and it happens in countries.

    it takes the shape of violence and attempts to control thinking. The latter can include verbal abuse, and physical punishment right through to death (well death doesn’t happen so much in workplaces but bastardisation does).

    I think there are two characteristics of countries where it happens - they want to impose and control leadership and power, and they want to impose an ideology and way of living

    its interesting when you think about it that apart from petty dictators the world over but particularly in Africa, much of this use of violence to control others does indeed happen in extremist governments and more particularly in so called communist governments.

    however I honestly think it’s a stretch to call any of them communist. When Stalin did his endless purges they were hardly living the communist ideal. Nor under Mao. Nor in North Korea. Instead something seems to happen that results in a bunch of nasties getting power and then abusing the hell out of it.

    however that the leaders descend to killing off any dissent - often literally - may well tell us how hard it is to achieve the utopian communist dream as well as telling us something about how easily people would rather not be forced to live it - or the caricature it becomes

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