a friend of mine recently went to visit Vietnam for the first...

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    a friend of mine recently went to visit Vietnam for the first time. She was the daughter of a GI and a Vietnamese woman. She came back both overwhelmed with positive emotion but also horrified at the corruption she encountered everywhere. She can understand Vietnamese and speak it adequately and maybe that makes the difference. It might also make a difference if you spend a fair bit of time in areas frequented by tourists.

    Though I have had a few conversations about corruption with Vietnamese people as well. For the most part I think they just get on with their lives. They know how the system works and so they can make it work for them and they know when to back off.

    most people in any country are so familiar with they system they don’t notice. They notice difference. As long as you remain a traveller you don’t have to unravel the full scale challenges of any country. That why holiday romances are always more heady and intoxicating than those in your own country

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