Labor is split over communism just like the 1950s., page-2

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    Betty Nails it.


    5 DAYS AGO

    Hard to know which outfit has damaged Labor the most:-
    Green ideology and vote preferences. That's poison.
    Dud leaders, with Albo now as unelectable as Shorten,
    Too many weak Caucus members saying the same old same old.
    Outmoded union playbook
    Their overt affiliation with China,
    The strange unconditional support they always get from the strange ABC,
    Inability to accept electoral feedback,
    Ignoring reform investigations and their recommendations,
    Living in the past and spruiking their anti business lifestyles as the way,
    Group think endorsement of all identity politics rejected by mainstream,
    Total reliance on daily? focus groups, as a substitute for policy development,
    KK , Chalmers and regulars etc episodic ineptitude often on display.
    Relying on recruiting from cabals of current uni grads brainwashed in anti Western civilization,
    Continuing their tradition of incestuous recruitment of members who have never ever had a job, let alone a private business, outside the Labor machine.
    Addiction to big govt and red and green tape.
    OTT climate alarmism,
    Anti nuclear and anti coal religions
    Ignoring economic impact of our highest energy prices in the world,
    Inability to stop urging spending big time tax payer dollars on every underdog they need wandering by.
    Bad record of of Spendathons on a massive scale every time they win government anywhere in Oz.
    Relentless pursuit of smaller issues while ignoring big strategic targets.
    Sounding like whingers when they cling on to trivea.
    Getup affiliations' record, seen and unseen.
    Scott Morrison, Frydenberg and Cormann are now sitting opposite them, and they don't need to be too brilliant to stay there.
    Morrison's communication skills outwit adversaries.
    His political nous, and formidable, deeply held political ethics are on reliable media tap.
    In themselves these huge obstacles test Labor at every turn.
    Labor needs to lift its policy game out of the failed past.
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